Devine Guitars

This is my good friend Eric.   He builds outstanding guitars and ukuleles. Check him out. He has even built a double bass.

Grimes Guitars

Steve Grimes is one of the best luthiers around and fortunately for young luthiers like Eric and I,  he is here on Maui.

Bear Creek Guitars

Bill from Bear Creek Guitars is well known for his weissenborn guitars. He is another luthier we are lucky to have here on Maui.

Kathy Matsushita

Kathy's site is one of the first sites I found when I was looking into building my first instrument.  It really inspired me to make my first guitar. She is a high school teacher who said she didn't have any woodworking experience before attempting her first instrument.  But take a look at her finished instruments. They look fantastic.

The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii

Name says it all.

Hana Lima 'Ia

Great source for ukulele parts.

This is my best friend Erik Pietsch aka The Whaleshark. If you are a parrothead, you will love this guy. If you are in Lahaina you have to check him out. He puts on a real good show.  His live album is great.  He's a pretty good boat captain as well.